Superbird and the Quest for something

At this point, the project is dead weight and I’m currently building one final update.

I know many people have been enjoying the adventure, but it was always an experimental title and finishing it was never a guarantee.


But to be clear….
This is not the end of Superbird.  I’m only getting started.


Now, each platform I compile to takes about an hour and a half and there are four of them: Android, Windows, Linux, and Mac.  I also have to fully test it on both Android and Windows one last time (each time takes about two hours), so while the project is PROBABLY done at this point, you’re not going to see this update in one day.

I’m moving on to the Unreal Engine, and since I have to experiment with custom models and Unreal’s API before I make a real game anyway, Superbird will be the subject of the first experiment.

That’s all for now.  Peace out.


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