Helpful Speech to text commands (android)

While the “Ok Google” commands require either wifi or data to work, they can be very helpful if you know how to use them. Here are a few examples:

“Do not disturb until [time]”

Let’s say you have a meeting that ends at 12:30 pm, and you don’t want your phone to ring if you get a call or text. You turn on “Ok Google” and say “Do not disturb until 12:30 PM”. The “PM” part isn’t necessary– usually smart phones will figure out what you mean.

“Take me to [address]”

Activates Google Maps and takes you to said address. You can also specify the name of a business, such as “Take me to Arby’s”.

“Set an alarm/timer for [time]”
“Set a timer for [m] minutes”

Alarms are designed to be able to repeat daily or weekly. Timers are designed to be used once.
Either way, you can set them to go off at a specific time. “Set a timer for 2:00 pm” for instance.
You can also do commands such as “Set a timer for 30 minutes”.

These are ones I use frequently. If I learn more I will update.

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