So I’m considering a 6 DoF controller

Okay, so while I’m happy with my Finch Dash controller, it’s alienating my friends who already have Steam VR, and with my tax season coming up, I can probably afford this one:



It’s made by the same company that made Finch Dash.  It’s 6 Degrees of Freedom, much like a real VR headset, and it’s compatible with Google Cardboard as well as Steam VR.  Right now it’s only for developers, but for those who have Steam VR, they should be able to play Mystic Planet.

Hopefully, by the time I finish Mystic Planet, it’ll be public.  Accounting For Violence 2 will probably use a 6 DoF system too, but for the projects I’m currently working on, I’m sticking with Finch Dash.


So for those who are wondering….

To use this on Google Cardboard, it’s $250 for the controllers, and about $5 for the headset.  To use on Steam VR, the headset would cost more and you have to have a great computer.  The reason I’m thinking of this controller is because it’s cross-platform, not to mention if I develop for Steam VR, you don’t HAVE to use this specific controller.

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